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Phuket, Thailand - where to eat

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I’ve been visiting Thailand with my family for as long as I can remember. We’ve been to different places within the country but our favourite spot for a relaxed beach holiday has always been Phuket. Since all four of us, my dad, mum, brother and I are all huge foodies, we’ve been to a huge amount of different restaurants in search of the best ones. Here are our recommendations:

The really nice ones (for when you’re happy to spend a bit more for some really special food).

  • Trisara. This has got to be one of the most grand and gorgeous hotels I’ve ever been to. Both the food and cocktails and fantastic. They have a few different restaurants but it’s the main one that we like best.
  • Aman Puri. This is one of the most expensive restaurants on the island but the food really is that good. The hotel is beautiful as well, very calm and quiet.
  • Joe’s Downstairs. En route to Patong (the main shopping/party destination) and right by the sea, both the food and atmosphere are great here. They serve a mix of Thai and European food, so if you’re with a group who are a bit undecided on what they want to eat, this is the place to go.
  • Acqua. Gorgeous Italian food- which seems weird for Thailand but it’s absolutely incredible. If you’re looking to take a little break from Thai food (and like me start to miss fresh, delicious bread and pasta) Acqua is perfect.

I wouldn’t necessarily advise going to…

  • Silk, as in my opinion the food is just as good at local Thai places.
  • The 9th Floor. It’s super expensive for what it is, but if you want a really good selection of wines and loads of European food choice then you’ll enjoy it. Also the view up there is fab, especially if you’re going at at time when there are some fireworks on.
  • Baan Rim Pa - overpriced, food is better at Aman Puri and Trisara.

The middle ground:

  • Siam Supper Club. This has to be our favourite restaurant in Phuket! The food is absolutely fantastic and reasonably priced, they do fantastic European and Thai food. The vibe is also brilliant and they do fantastic cocktails. I can’t recommend this place highly enough.
  • CUT. Great restaurant if you’re a big meat eater.

The cheap local (but bloody delicious) ones:

  • Pesto. This is a little local restaurant on the outskirts of the Laguna compound. I’ve never ever eaten so well for £5. Brilliant food at prices you won’t believe. Also have a selection of European food, though admittedly we’ve never ordered any of it. Bring your own booze!
  • Black Cat, on the same street as Pesto, also really cheap good local Thai food.
  • Deepavali, also on the outskirts of Laguna. They serve really good Indian food for great prices too. Bring your own booze here as well.

Veggie/vegan friendly…

I’d say that most restaurants I’ve mentioned will have a few options for veggies/vegans amongst us. Thai food is relatively easy, they make a lot of tofu and cook with a lot of vegetables so for the most part you should be ok.

Have a fantastic trip!


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