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Since my own training has changed so much in the last year, I want to be able to show you what it’s all about. I’ve made the transition from lifting weights and jumping around getting all sweaty to practicing controlled, functional movements, making different body parts work together and training gymnastics based skills.

I understand that this sounds quite daunting, so my aim is to show you that actually anyone can start training this way and that it’s a lot of fun, even at a very basic level. That’s where these workshops come in.

Launching at the adidas studio on Brick Lane the week of the 8th of January, I’ll be running 8 workshops focused on bodyweight movements and basic gymnastics skills. The workshops will include a combination of animal flow movements where we’ll be moving around on the floor in different ways, fun partner drills that you can take home and do with friends and some dynamic stretching which is important to be able to improve at all the other drills as well. We’ll also be learning correct form for moves such as push ups and L sits as well as learning how to spot each other when we’re practicing handstands and how to fall out of them safely to increase confidence and avoid injury.

The aim of these workshops is for everyone to come away feeling like they’ve learned something, feeling more confident trying some of what we did alone or with a partner, and most importantly having had a lot of fun. We won’t come away dripping with sweat but we’ll discover some burning muscles we never realised we had the next morning.

Class times at the adidas studio are:

Tues 9th @ 12:00-12:45pm

Tues 9th @ 13:00-13:45pm

Weds 10th @ 12:00-12:45pm

Weds 10th @ 13:00-13:45pm

Thurs 11th @ 7:00-7:45am

Thurs 11th @ 8:00-8:45am

Thurs 11th @ 18:30-19:15pm

Thurs 11th @ 19:30-20:15pm

To sign up, please follow the link: or

I will be keeping you up to date with future classes in different locations as soon as I have some secured. For now, I hope to see you all at the adidas studio.

Tara x

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