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IIFYM - if it fits your mouth?

Let’s talk about food. Ok, more specifically, this is an insight into how I eat. I get asked all the time about how I maintain my shape, what I eat and what I don’t eat and how much of it. There’s no one size fits all method to losing fat, there are many different ways to do it but it all comes down to one simple bit of maths:

Energy out - energy in > 0

This means we must burn more calories that we consume to lose fat. Simple when you put it that way, right? If you know me, I’m all about the science behind training and eating appropriately for your goals. I’ve figured out around about how many calories I burn on a daily basis, taking into account the pretty crazy amount of exercise I do (don’t judge me, it’s my job!) and how much I move around every day. There are a number of online calculators that will help you out with this (here, and here for example) but remember it’s never going to be 100% accurate. Girls online will swear by the whole “fuck the bathroom scales” thing, but the best way to tell if your diet is actually working is by weighing yourself, sorry to burst that bubble.

(N.B. When you go and download myfitnesspal for the first time they do this thing where you input all of your details and they generate a calorie target for you. I have NEVER EVER seen this come out right. It is pretty much ALWAYS far below where your target should be, so please don’t listen to it. Get a second opinion.)

Right, let’s talk about counting calories. Yes, I weigh pretty much all of my food. Yes, I manually input it all into the app. Yes, I have been doing it for years, but you know what, it’s done a lot more than helped me achieve my goals. It’s helped me understand that 400 kcals of chocolate will most certainly not keep me as full as 400 calories of chicken rice and broccoli. Science bitches. Counting calories means that you can have that piece of your best friend’s birthday cake or that serving of popcorn in the cinema - it’s all about moderation. Make it fit, that’s it.

If you commit to using it properly, myfitnesspal is an awesome tool for making sure you’re on track with your calorie and macro targets. I’m going to write several posts on tricks I use when planning a night out, how I deal with times I get all crazy and hormonal, and how to handle guesstimating restaurant meals.

Any questions? Fire away.

T x

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