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Hong Kong: A long weekend

What we got up to in our 3 days in Hong Kong

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We arrived in Hong Kong on the Friday of the 3 day Rugby Sevens tournament. We had tickets for Saturday which we’d heard was the fun day to go. We were a big group of us all dressed up to look like the Queen’s Guard and we had a brilliant time. If you’re planning to go, here’s everything you need to know:

  • Bring juice cartons of alcoholic beverages. The drinks in the stadium are really expensive and they take plastic/glass bottles off you at the entrance. Juice boxes are the only thing you can take in.
  • The south stand is the party stand and it fills up QUICKLY. Aim to get to the stadium between 6.30-7.00am- seriously!
  • Bring snacks!
  • Be prepared not to watch that much rugby, the Saturday is essentially a big piss up with all the expats living in Hong Kong.

We then took a day to explore, but not in the usual way. We wanted to see parts of Hong Kong that tourists don’t usually go to, so we did some research and set off for Kowloon. Our first stop was the Man Fung Building, a tall yellow block of flats. Doesn’t sound like much, I know, but we’d read a blog post that told us about a rooftop just opposite that you could climb to the top of if you’re a bit sneaky. So naturally, we thought we had to try! It wasn’t exactly difficult, we waited for someone to exit the building and we held the door and went in after them. The tricky bit was right at the top where we had to do a bit of urban climbing…

Next we headed for Nam Shan estate. Again, just a big estate really, but I don’t think the locals are used to seeing many tourists around there. We walked around the food stands and stores where lots of locals were eating together. It was a side of Hong Kong that we were really hoping to see. The courtyard above was also gorgeous…

Our last stop was Garden Hill, a short walk away. We wanted to hike up to Victoria Peak but we didn’t quite have time, so we decided to do this very short climb instead. It was about 15 minutes up to the top, up lots of flights of stairs. Make sure you bring water if you’re planning to do this one!

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