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A week in Ibiza with KMPT retreats

As some of you may know, I spent last week in Ibiza on a fitness retreat organised by Kyle and Kelly Maslen (KMPT fitness). I know it sounds a bit mad, but I had the most fantastic time.

The week starts on Saturday, and everything is included other than the flights, which suited me quite well because I work on Saturdays so got to choose what time to fly in. The villa. Is. BEAUTIFUL. Spacious, luxurious, clean, very Ibiza style (it’s actually the perfect party house… But hey it works ever so well as a foodie fitness house too!). The rooms are all stunning too, ours had direct access to the pool area.

I had the pleasure of going on retreat with my amazing mum, who may have been the oldest person there but she fully immersed herself in the sweaty HIIT sessions and deliciously healthy food all week. One of the best things about the KMPT retreat is that unlike those crazy bootcamp retreats you hear about, with KMPT you pick and choose which workouts you want to take part in. If you’re sore, you can sit the morning run out, or if you’re not the biggest yoga fan (like me!) you can hang out by the pool in the evening and read your book instead.

Here’s an outline of a typical day on the retreat:

7.30 - energy shot & double espresso

8.00 - beach workout

9.30 - breakfast

10.00 - pool chill time

11.30 - villa tabata training

12.30 - lunch

13.00 - more pool chill time

14.30 - mountain biking

16.00 - protein smoothie

16.30 - down time

18.00 - yoga

19.30 - dinner

20.00 - down time

On Wednesday, we rest, and by rest, I mean spend the day at a cute Ibizan beach club with the option to explore the old town and go out to eat. We were lucky enough to have fantastic weather all week, so we all came home gorgeously sun kissed!

The food was divine! Our resident chefs, Simon and Dan from Cook Ibiza made us meals from all over the world, with fresh delicious ingredients. My favourites were the broccoli hummus (which I could eat every day for the rest of my life), the chickpea curry with tofu and the turkish Menemen (eggs with tomatoes and peppers) on rye bread. Never fear, we did also get meals that weren’t vegetarian.

If this sounds like the perfect getaway, get in touch with the couple that made all of this possible, Kelly and Kyle: The next retreat is on the 21st-28th May.

Any questions, feel free to write them in the comments!

For more photos, check out my Instagram along with Kyle and Kelly’s, Lauren’s, Steph’s and Jade’s.

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