• Hi, I'm Tara

    I'm a London based freelance marketer, blogger and fitness instructor. I was born in Belgium and moved over to the UK for school when I was 14 and later university. I spent 3 years studying Electronic and Electrical Engineering at UCL but what I really learnt was that my passions lay elsewhere.


    I was a little gymnast until the age of 14, then I took up trampolining and long distance running in senior school. I started weightlifting when I was 17 and continued through my years at university. My current sports of choice are pole dancing, yoga, hand balancing and calisthenics.


    I love travelling, visiting different places for all different aspects of their cultures such as food, music and architecture.


    I offer handstand and gymnastics conditioning workshops both in the UK and abroad. They are accessible for participants of any level, no previous experience required. Please email marguliestara@gmail.com for more information.

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